About Us

ClubEvent has been designed to facilitate the multiple ways that sports/community clubs arrange and run events.  We recognise that each club has its own wrinkles and preferences, and we aim to offer something that is better than what you currently use, whilst costing less.

The founders of ClubEvent are involved in running an Archery club and a Rowing club.  We started the ‘project’ because we were unhappy with the tools we were currently using and the high prices of the available commercial products. Although we had some similar requirements, there were many differences between our clubs, which meant that ClubEvent had to be incredibly flexible.  We have yet to combine archery with rowing, but we think we’ve managed to create a system that works well for both clubs!

If you have any suggestions on how ClubEvent could help your club, please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you. Contact Us.