For Club Members


The ClubEvent mobile app provides a central place for all your activities.  If your club isn’t using it already…tell them about it!

Upcoming events are listed, you will receive reminders.  You won’t get stressed by being late you your next Yoga class.

If your club struggles to collect membership subscriptions – get them to use ClubEvent – easier for them, easier for you!


Using Invitation events, and tags, your Club coaches can tag different teams, age groups, ability levels event.  Anything they like.

They can invite you to a training session or competition, allowing you to easily Accept or Decline.

You can see who’s been invited, who’s accepted and who has declined.  You can send comments to the event organiser.

What’s good for you is GREAT for them, all this ends up in one place, not a mess of emails, text messages and social media posts.


Your life is a taxi service.

Use ClubEvent for your children’s activities and bring that chaos into order. 

You can create your own “family club” to organise events, or encourage your kids clubs to start using ClubEvent too.