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The ClubEvent mobile app can be downloaded using the links to the right.  Admins can use the mobile app, or login above. 

Your club members can install the app if you want, they will receive notification and can manage their invites using the app, or they can use the email invites instead.


How-To Guides

Ooh err, this looks complicated, where do I start?

  1. Install the app, using one of the links above, register for an account.
  2. Create a club; go through your club settings
  3.  What you do next depends on what sort of events you will be doing:
         – Ticketed events:  Create an event! (for paid tickets, you’ll need to carry out a StripeConnect)
         – Invitation events:  Create some contacts, then create an event!

Quick Tips

Q: I can’t get my banner working with an image on GDrive?
A:    You will need to get your banner image id from GDrive – from the preview URL, like:<id>/preview
Then put the ID in the following URL and use that one.<id>