A Club is any group of people that want to organise Events, invite Contacts, and see who’s coming, and who is not: A football team, a golf society, a bridge club, a reenactment group, a dance troop, a pilates class… the list is endless.

Your Club size is limited by your plan:

FREE plan
This plan is limited to 20 Contacts.

CLUB plan
This plan is limited to 250 Contacts.

This plan is limited to 500 Contacts.

Please contact us if your Club has more than 500 Contacts – we can create bespoke Plans.

Events are created within a club. Each club that you create has a separate list of events, contacts and settings. Thus, you could use one club for the sports club that you run and another for family events.

Clubs are managed using a mobile app. The same app can also be accessed through any web browser. Your participants can use the same app to interact with events or they can be invited/updated via email messages.

There is also an “Events” web page that can be embedded in your club website, or used standalone. This will display a list of upcoming (public) events and allow people to obtain tickets for those events.

An Event is something you want people to come to! It could be a competition, a match, a party, a dinner, a meeting, a four-ball, some training …. just about anything you want really.

The number of Events your Club can have is limited by your plan

FREE plan
This plan is limited to 10 Events.  Once you reach 10, you will need to delete old Events to make room for new Events.

CLUB plan
This plan is limited to 250 Events.

This plan is limited to 1000 Events.

Events are as simple or as complex as you want them to be.  An event has a Title, Date, Time, Duration, Location and Description.  Some features of events:

  • Publish event to ical and web feeds
  • Add link to one or more addtional documents (web links) which might be a web page, a PDF ‘prospectus’ document, map etc.
  • Display addtional organiser information
  • Set both ‘open’ and ‘close’ dates, to define the period that people can accept invitations or obtain tickets
  • Set reminder schedule for to invitees; reminding them to accept/decline
  • Set reminder schedule for attendees; reminding them about the event
  • Easily send update messages to attendees; informing them of any event changes
  • Hold ticketed events
    • Attendees can obtain one or more tickets
    • Create different custom ticket types (e.g. Adult, Child)
    • Collect custom information for each ticket purchase
  • Hold paid events
    • Each ticket type can be priced
    • Payment can be taken using a credit card through ClubEvent or you can setup instructions telling people to make payments via other systems
  • Create events with multiple possible dates; this allows invitees to select when they can attend, so that you (the organiser) can select the final date based on their responses…Ideal for the difficult to arrange night out!

Invitation Event
When you create an invitation event, once you have filled in all the normal details such as date, time, location, duration, you then need to invite people from your contacts list.

Each of these will receive an invitation to their email address, and if they use the mobile app, the event will appear there and they will receive a mobile notification.

They can then accept or decline the invitation and send comments to you, the organiser.

Ticketed Events
A ticketed event allows you to run events that are open to anyone to join.  Clearly, how you publicise this event determines who is going to buy those tickets.

Use them to run a club BBQ, social evening, training session.  It’s an ‘open’ event, and you won’t know who is coming until they have obtained their tickets.

All plans come with the free ticketing module, enabling you to collect as many tickets as you have members.

Upgrade to the Standard ticketing module to remove these restrictions and enable paid events.

Members obtain tickets through the events list, which can be hosted on your website, or found on ours.  A single member can obtain tickets for others.  Tickets are emailed to the member, and they can return and change some elements of the ticket at will.

As Organiser, you will receive notifications when anyone obtains a ticket and are able to easily send messages to one or all ticket holders at any time.  Close to the event, you can export ticket details, so you have full control at the event.


Every Club has one Club Owner who manages the subscription plan.  Only the Club Owner can change the Plan, or delete the Club.

For CLUB and PRO plans:
Only the Club Owner can give or take-back Administrator permissions to other Contacts in the Club.

Whilst we call them an “Administrator”, you might call them Team Managers, Coaches, Leaders, Captains, etc.  Admins can create, edit and delete events.

FREE plan
Only the club Owner can act as an Administrator

CLUB and PRO plans
In CLUB and PRO plans an Administrator is someone who can also create Events and invite Contacts to that Event.

A Contact is someone you invite to an Event.  Whilst we call them Contacts, you might call them Members, Players, Rowers, Archers, Juniors, Adults, Colleagues, Coaches, Friends, etc, etc

FREE plans
This plan is limited to 20 Contacts.

CLUB plan
This plan is limited to 250 Contacts.

This plan is limited to 500 Contacts.

The web interface enables you to place a list of events on your website. However, it enables far more than that if your events are ticketed as this is where people will purchase tickets, and come back to should they need to change any extra information that they have supplied with the tickets.

The web interface can be used standalone, using a URL as below.  The clubcode can be found in your club settings:

This can also be integrated into your own website using an iframe. You can add &header=false to remove the logo, title and description from the content.

You can also link to, or embed a single event, as below.  The event code can be found in the event.

The ical feed is a simple way of integrating Club Event data into calendars. Most calendar clients allow the import of ical (ics) files. Simply use your club short name to form the URL, like:


We use Stripe as our Payment Provider.  They are awesome, and their fees are low. We run our own clubs, we know every penny counts.  Some of our competitors will take 10% of your ticket price AND take the payment provider fees, or ask that you pass these onto your members/ticket purchasers.  We want ClubEvent to work for YOU, as much as it works for US.

Stripe fees for UK cards are 1.4% + 20p per transaction.  We charge 0.6% on top, making that 2% + 20p at their current rate.

Please check Stripe prices here:  https://stripe.com/gb/pricing  

Your data is your data. We will NEVER disclose your data to third parties without your specific consent.  If you wish to have all data deleted, please contact us. We are compliant with GDPR.

Data held in a Club is created and curated by the Club Owner and Administrators, who have full control over that data.

Data collected by us is used to manage your subscription and is as follows:

    • Club ‘Owner’ Name and Email address
    • Club name, code and location