Our mission

We created ClubEvent whilst running our own clubs; archery & rowing.  We want to shoot and row, not to waste time checking 4 different social streams, email, phone messages and bits of paper to work out who is coming to what, whether Jack is arriving late or Jill needs to borrow a bow or a boat! 

We use it to select people for training sessions, invite people to work days & committee meetings, allow people to grab spaces at limited coaching sessions, arrange curry nights…almost everything our clubs do.  Oh, and we use it for running national competitions too…

Our mission is make your events run smoothly, so that you can concentrate on the events themselves!


We would like to offer our services to those clubs that have switched to online events; web streaming or video conferencing.

ClubEvent can be used to manage those events, and take payment if required.  Crucially, the platform gives a really easy way to pass event details to people that have purchased tickets, or been invited to an event.  One click and you can send them the video conferencing details.

At this time, all clubs created on the FREE plan will automagically be upgraded to the PLUS plan at no charge, giving them access to credit card payments.  Of course, you can ask for payments by bank transfer, or simply use it to track ticket sales so that you can collect cash at a later date.

We have created a couple of videos showing how to set-up multiple events – to maybe allow limited members access to club facilities in fixed length sessions – please see the video page.

The only charges will be if you elect to use credit card payments:
  • You will need to set-up stripe as normal, to allow payments to be paid into your club bank account
  • Charges will be Stripe charges + 0.6%, in the UK the total charge per transaction would be 2% + 20p, please see our FAQ page (payment providers) for other countries.

Do you run a Club?

For club managers, coaches, teachers, organisers, etc.

ClubEvent is the tool you need a tool to organise your club/group. 

Pick a team for the match at the weekend, organise the weekly training, find out who’s available for that “big event” next month.  then ClubEvent will quickly and easily allow you to manage that.

If you want to give out or sell tickets for an event or want to know how many burgers to buy for the club BBQ, ClubEvent can help you do that too.


Run your events

An Event is anything you, or your club want to organise.  When you create an event, you will need to know who is coming along so you can organise it efficiently.

ClubEvent allows you to create “Public” and “Private” events which can be managed online or via the mobile app.  You can publish your Events onto your club’s website too.

Manage your club members

Clubs are nothing without members so once you’ve got your membership you need to keep them coming back.

Use ClubEvent to invite the right people to the right events at the right time – “Tags” allow you to categorise, group and filter your members to get to the right people each time.

Sell tickets to your Events

Having a Club dinner, summer-ball or Christmas event?  Wanting to collect money for bus seats or train tickets?  ClubEvent can help you sell tickets to collect the money you need to cover costs, or raise money for your club.

Available for all paid plans, by adding the Ticketing module – let ClubEvent take the hassle.  We handle card payments and the money hits your bank a couple of days later.  If you still want to take cash or allow bank transfers, that’s fine – you can give your members the choice!

Are you a member of a club?


The ClubEvent mobile app provides a central place for all your activities.  If your club isn’t using it already…tell them about it!
Upcoming events are listed, you will receive reminders.  You won’t get stressed by being late you your next Yoga class.


Using Invitation events, and tags, your Club coaches can tag different teams, age groups, ability levels event.  Anything they like.

They can invite you to a training session or competition, allowing you to easily Accept or Decline.

You can see who’s been invited, who’s accepted and who has declined.  You can send comments to the event organiser.

What’s good for you is GREAT for them, all this ends up in one place, not a mess of emails, text messages and social media posts.


Your life is a taxi service.

Use ClubEvent for your children’s activities and bring that chaos into order.

You can create your own “family club” to organise events, or encourage your kids clubs to start using ClubEvent too.

In summary...

We aim to offer something that is better than what you use at the moment, whilst costing less.
Please take a look at our FAQ and Support pages for more information; but why not simply download and give it a try!