Below are a selection of videos showing how aspects of ClubEvent work, please take a look.

Creating a club, basic settings, then multiple sessions!

These three videos are for you, if you are a club coming out of lock down, but you need to control resources and implement a booking system…today!

Archery clubs have come out of lockdown, and – if possible – are able to offer a limited number of bosses/targets for members, who must socially distance.  ClubEvent can be used to create multiple sessions.  My club will be doing the following:

  • 6 ‘lanes’ on the range, 5m wide, as per ArcheryGB guidelines.
  • Each lane is for a single archer, or for a family group
  • We will create 2 hour sessions with 6 available tickets, 3 per day on weekdays and 6 on week ends
  • It is also possible that we might change that to a more complex events, where the tickets are sold matching the target distances.

These three videos describe this; firstly how to set-up a basic club, then how to create multiple sessions, then the same with multiple ticket types.  They are..a bit of a ramble, but I’ve tried to keep them short!

Admin walk through

A quick walk through the admin interface, must stop saying ‘erm’.

Multiple events, and booking into sessions

Creating multiple events for evening sessions (for instance)

Booking into an evening session

Creating a ticketed event and booking/purchasing tickets

An introduction to creating a ticketed event.

Purchasing tickets!