How-To: Create an Invitation event

An event can be created in two ways;

  1. By clicking the (+) button at the bottom right of the Event Summary page (the “home page”).
  2. From within Contacts, by pressing the Create Event button, which will allow you to select one or more contacts before pressing the button a second time.

General Settings

An event needs the following information at a minimum, which will appear in notifications and in web and iCal feeds (if enabled).

  • Title: The title should clearly identify the event
  • Date & time:  Set the date and time of the event
  • Duration: The duration of the event
  • Location: The location for the event
  • Description: A description of the event; this may be a plain text description, or you can toggle to use the rich text editor.

You can select to show (or not) the event on the web and iCal feeds, add a tag, and also select whether users can see details of who else is attending the event.

Organiser & Additional Information

You can add an email address and/or phone number for the event Orgnaiser.  Remember that the Organiser is a point of contact for the event, and may not be a ClubEvent Admin or even a user.
You can also add any number of links to documents/web pages/maps etc, by using the Additional Information section. 
All these details will be shown on the Event in the app, and on the Web feed.

Responses & Reminders

  • Responses required by:  Select whether invites need to be accepted/declined (or tickets purchased) by a certain date.  After this date, responses and ticket purchases will not be accepted.
  • Reminders sent to Invitees:  Select when to send reminders to Invitees – they will be reminded to Accept/Decline their invite
  • Reminders sent to Attendees:  Select when to send reminders to Attendees – people who have accepted their invites, or obtained tickets – they will be reminded of the event

Multiple Dates


An Invitation event may be created with more than one date – the intention is to allow invitees to select which dates they can make, so that the Event date can be fixed once sufficient responses have been received.

At this point, people will receive invites for the new, fixed date.