How-To: Integrate into websites

When events are published on web and ical feeds, they can be seen on the ClubEvent website by using your club code, as part of a URL, as follows:{clubcode}

A single event can be seen using:{clubcode}/{eventcode}

You can get your club code from Club Settings and the eventcode by editing an Event.

Integrating into a website

You can integrate an event list or a single event into a web page, by using an iframe.  Most web builder systems allow the use of iframes and they are very familiar to web developers.  Code for the iframe is as follows:

<iframe src=”{clubcode}&amp;header=false” id=”” scrolling=”yes” width=”100%” height=”1000px” frameborder=”0″></iframe>

  • Replace {clubcode} with your clubcode – without the brackets

Parameters available

&header=true|false     This determines whether the club banner image will be shown (default is true)
&footer=true|false      This determined whether the club logo and description will be shown at the bottom of the list (default is true)
&event={eventcode} To show a single event
&tag={tag} If you use event tags, these can be used to filter the events shown.  Note that if you have tags ‘team event’, ‘team competition’, you could used &tag=team to filter to show both of these tags – the parameter looks for tags that start with the given string.
Other iframe attributes can be used.  We suggest ensuring the iframe has full width and sufficient height, especially on mobile devices.  Beware of placing it on pages that restrict these elements, as this can cause issues if ticket purchasing is used – especially when the web page is used on a mobile device.