How-To: Manage and Use Tags

Tags can be used for Contacts or events.

Contact tags can be used to filter Contacts, making it easy to select the right team of people from a long list of Contacts. 
Event tags can be used to mark events such as ‘Competition’ or ‘Members only’. These tags will show up on the web and iCal feeds.

In order to manage tags, select ‘Tags’ from the main menu.

On the Tag screen, you can choose to manage ‘Contact’ tags or ‘Event’ tags.

  • A tag has a name
  • A tag has a colour

Tags can be added and removed using the (-) and (+) buttons.

Filtering contacts using tags

 To filter contacts using tags, simply use the “Tags” dropdown.  Select the tags name that you wish to see, and only those contacts with this tag will be shown.
This makes it very easy to create an event for people with a particular tag type.

Applying a tag to people

It is possible to apply a tag to many contacts at once:

  • Press the round tag button (the one with a luggage label symbol)
  • You will be asked to choose a tag to apply
  • Select all those people that should have the tag
  • Press the round tag button again