How-To: Lifecycle of a Ticketed event


  1. Create an Event
  2. Ticket purchases
  3. Before the event
  4. After the Event

1. Create the event

Example video:

  • Create the event from the main page.
  • At a minimum, give the event a title, description, location and set a time and duration.
  • You will want to show the event on the web/ical feeds, and set-up any organiser details to be shown along with any additional information.
  • Check the reminders that will be sent out for the event.
  • Create/edit the ticket types.  You can have a number of different ticket types and then choose to collect information from/about each ticket holder.
  • Decide whether you want to collect money for the tickets.

2. Ticket purchases

  • People can get/purchase tickets from the web listing. When they do, they will receive an email confirmation with a participant code.  If you setup offline payments (cash/cheque etc.) then they will receive your instructions as part of this email.
    Admins will receive a notification in the app, and be able to see who has joined the event.
  • If an attendee pays by credit card, the funds (minus fees) will be moved directly into your connected Stripe account and then into your bank account according to your stripe settings.

3. Before the event

  • As an Admin, you can change the event at any time, and send an update.  You can send an adhoc message to all participants, or even cancel the event.
  • It is possible to manage individuals – move them from joined to cancelled, or send them an individual message, or resend their joining instructions.
  • You can also manage peoples tickets – make changes, or mark them as paid.  Refunds must be dealt with outside ClubEvent, as we do not hold funds.
  • Participants will receive automated reminders for the event, according to your settings.
  • You can export a list of attendees and their comments at any time, so that you are ready for te event – with full details of who has paid via credit card.  You will need to reconcile other payments.

4. After the event

  • Not much to do now, but you can still export all attendees and send them messages.
  • You can copy the event, if you will be doing the same thing again soon!